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You can watch all the channels of Internet TV IMB + Records in top quality LIVE trapnslyatsiyi and archives on your computer or on your TV by connecting it to your computer’s via HDMI. The high quality of our TV allows without any problems TVs display images at a diagonal 42 ‘. The only condition is stable and high speed internet with unlimited traffic.


The “Archive” – a revolutionary achievements television future that we provide today.

Internet TV from IMB + Records presents a free service “Archive”: all applications over the best Ukrainian and Russian language television channels are automatically saved, you can watch them at any time within 14 days forward or backward, stopping and continuing to watch when you convenient.

Internet TV from IMB + Records – rating is 82 channels in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish. The most powerful of them – First National, Inter, 1 +1 (not international, and “native”), the most popular news channels Channel 5 News 24, TVi, ZIK, NTN and business resources UBC and FBC, religious channel voices. Spectacular sporting events you can always see real-time and in writing to the sports channel TRK Ukraine, TRK Football in prime – time show the most popular sporting events, 1 + 1, STB, ICTV, Inter + Tonic, New Channel , TET, Enter Film, 2 +2 and interesting entertainment programs and the latest movies. Proponents of music and entertainment will enjoy viewing M1, OTV, and our smallest audience can always see cartoons, entertainment and educational programs on the channel Baby TV Ukrainian language, which is so important for children living abroad. This diversity suggests that online TV from IMB + Records can provide a complete vacation for the whole family.

It turns out that while online TV from IMB + Records broadcasting dozens of the most interesting and important for you TV. How not miss what you really wonder? How to achieve peace in the family, when you have a choice: watch your favorite series or grandma’s favorite show mom or semi-finals of the World Cup, or a children’s cartoon? How to stop to adjust the schedule of walks and meet friends for broadcast critical matches, first-run, exciting shou- programs?

TV on IMB + Records presents a free service “Archive” – a revolutionary TV technology achievements of the future, today part of the package of channels. Now you can in the time you call missing the last two weeks the transmission of any channel with “archive”.

Additionally, you can continually “rewind” forward and back, skipping commercial breaks, stopping broadcast to make a tea.

Using archive very simple, pleasant and convenient

Complete instructions for installing and using this online archive

Internet TV from IMB + Records – IPTV is television of the future that has already captured the television market in Canada and the United States, the newest technology television IPTV, available anywhere you have internet – communication.

And another huge advantage of Internet TV IMB + Records is the price – only $ 29.99 per month to view through the television and 14.99 a month for viewing on your computer to view the best international and Ukrainian TV channels and movies in perfect quality.