Dear customer you are about to subscribe to the IMB+Records Online television. Live TV Package contains mostly all ukrainian and russian TV channels.

Please notice that this package includes only watching the TV channels on our website. It is important to make a payment, you must complete all the payment process, after which the system will automatically return you to the site, otherwise the payment will be charged but not open-view channels.


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$164.89/ 1 Year

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All channels

Online television and its growth in recent years

Today’s world is practically online and is saturated with technologies that affect all areas of our lives, including television. With the advent of online TV, users have a convenient and flexible way to watch their favorite programs, movies and TV series anytime and anywhere they have access to the Internet. The online TV industry is developing rapidly, and this is reflected in the variety of services and tariff plans offered and their cost and prices.

Consumers’ tips for choosing online TV and their price

The choice of a tariff plan plays a key role in optimizing the value of online TV. Before subscribing to an online service, you should carefully study the prices offered by providers, decide what services and features you really need and their cost. Consider not only the price, but also the set of channels, the availability of content in HD quality, the ability to watch on multiple devices simultaneously, and other aspects that may affect your choice.

The importance of making the right choice to optimize the value of online TV

The right tariff plan will help you not only save money, but also get the most out of your content at a good price. Avoid unnecessary expenses by choosing the services you will actually use. Compare tariffs and their cost from different providers, taking into account not only the price but also the functionality. Remember that the best plan is the one that meets your needs and budget.