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ICTV is the first Ukrainian-language, national, non-governmental TV channel. Its position is quite clearly emphasized: to work for people, for the sake of people. It does everything to justify the trust of its viewers. The channel is grateful to everyone who supports it, believes in it, and loves it. People of all ages and genders watch ICTV.

For young men and families with children – ICTV

The ictv channel appeared on the Ukrainian television landscape a long time ago. It immediately gained a lot of fans. The channel continues to develop today, trying to keep up with the times and show the most relevant programs to the audience. It translates to eat – I watch TV.

Programs that Ukrainians watch

Of course, people want to keep up to date, so they watch the news on ICTV today. The ictv fakty program is periodically aired. After watching the news, you can relieve yourself with the next episode of the detective series Autopsy will show. Also noteworthy on ictv Ukraine is Morning in the Big City. You can laugh with the characters of the comedy sketch show “For Three”. The Secret Front project will tell you about little-known facts and technologies that Ukrainians could be proud of.

If you want to be aware of the political situation in the country, then watch Freedom of Speech or Facts of the Week. 100 Minutes with Oksana Sokolova”. The crime news on ictv “Extraordinary News” will tell you about serious cases, what, where, when it happened. You can also watch an interesting project “More than the truth” on ictv online. The ictv program guide will tell you what is on the air when.

The channel constantly finds those who are ready to talk and know what to say. These people sometimes know a lot. You can find out what methods are used to influence the crowd from the program “Antizombie”. Every evening, to know what happened where during the day, you should watch ictv facts online today.

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