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New Channel is your ticket to a world of exciting programs, available anytime and anywhere! Watch series, movies, shows, documentary projects and news in high quality on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

About Novy Channel

It is one of the most popular Ukrainian TV channels that provides viewers with a variety of content. Founded in 1998, the channel has established itself as a platform for original entertainment programs, serials, reality shows and various talent shows. The channel targets a wide audience, especially the younger generation, and often experiments with new formats and ideas.

The new channel offers its viewers many reasons to watch online. Here are a few key reasons why you should put this channel on your list.

  • Unique content. New Channel is known for its original reality shows, talent shows, series and other entertainment projects that can appeal to a wide audience.
  • Entertainment Character. The programs and shows on the New Channel are entertainment-oriented, creating a positive and bright mood.
  • Modern approach. The channel is not afraid to experiment with new formats to bring freshness to television content.
  • Wide audience reach. Thanks to the variety of content, attracts both young and more mature audience.

What you’ll find on the New Channel

  • There are a wide range of programs and shows that can appeal to different viewers. Here are some of them.
  • Reality shows.Projects such as Revizor, Top Model in Ukrainian, Zarobitchani and others provide exciting plots and unexpected twists and turns.
  • Talent shows and music projects. Programs that showcase talents and give young artists a chance to prove themselves.
  • Entertainment shows. Various game shows and humorous programs that make you laugh and relax.
  • TV series. A variety of TV series that can interest both young people and adults.

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