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NTV channel online

NTV is one of the leading Russian TV channels offering a variety of content for all ages and interests. Watch NTV channel online and enjoy the best programs, movies and news anytime and anywhere.

About NTV channel

The channel was founded in 1993 and quickly gained popularity due to its unique approach to news and entertainment programs. Today, NTV is a leading information and entertainment channel that broadcasts programs covering a wide range of interests – from news and documentaries to serials and shows.

Why you should watch NTV

The NTV TV channel offers its viewers many advantages. First, it is relevant news, which allows you to always be aware of the latest events in Russia and the world. Professional journalists ensure the reliability and timeliness of information. Secondly, the variety of programs will satisfy all tastes: here you can find popular serials, interesting shows and documentaries. In addition, exclusive broadcasts and high quality content make viewing pleasant and comfortable. NTV is your reliable source of information and entertainment.

What you will find on NTV channel

On the channel you will find a variety of content that will satisfy all tastes:

  • Operational news, reports and analytical programs about current events.
  • Popular shows such as “Apartment Question”, “Jeyaya grya” and others.
  • Premieres and favorite viewers series and movies of various genres.
  • Interesting documentaries and series about various aspects of life.

Watch the channel online and be aware of the latest news, enjoy your favorite shows and discover new movies and series. NTV channel is your window to the world of quality television.

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