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Watch RTR-Planeta TV channel online

RTR-Planeta TV channel online

“RTR-Planeta online is your ticket to a world of exciting travels, amazing discoveries, current events and rich history, available anytime and anywhere! Watch your favorite programs in high quality on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

About RTR-Planeta TV channel

RTR-Planeta is an international satellite TV channel, which is part of the Russian media holding VGTRK (All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company). The channel targets Russian-speaking audiences outside Russia and provides a variety of content including news programs, talk shows, serials, movies, as well as cultural and educational programs. RTR-Planeta is designed to keep compatriots living abroad in touch with each other and to familiarize viewers with the entire palette of Russian culture.

Why it is worth watching RTR-Planeta TV channel

There are several reasons why you should watch RTR-Planeta TV channel online. First, it is one of the most accessible sources of Russian television for viewers living outside of Russia. The channel provides a link to the homeland by broadcasting popular programs, news and entertainment content.

Second, RTR-Planeta provides a variety of content suitable for all ages. Here you will find news programs about events in Russia and the world, documentaries about culture and history, entertainment shows, as well as feature films and series. Thanks to this diversity, the channel can satisfy the interests of the widest audience.

The third reason to watch RTR-Planeta online is convenience and accessibility. The channel offers online broadcasting, which allows viewers to enjoy Russian television at any time and from anywhere in the world. Online access provides flexibility and freedom of choice, allowing you to tune in to your favorite programs without being tied to a television schedule.

Interesting programs on RTR-Planeta online

RTR-Planeta TV channel offers a wide range of content reflecting Russian culture, society and television. Here is what you will find on this TV channel.

  • “The World in the palm of your hand”. Cognitive program about the most interesting places of our planet.
  • “Planet Earth”. Documentary series about the beauty and diversity of nature of our planet.
  • “Man and the Law”. A program about the work of law enforcement agencies.
  • “Vesti. Interview.” Exclusive interviews with famous people.
  • “History of weapons”. Documentary series about the history of weapons.

“RTR-Planeta” online – your source of knowledge, inspiration and quality content for the whole family!

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