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TET online is your ticket to the world of humor, entertainment and positivity, available anytime and anywhere! Watch your favorite comedy shows, series, reality, documentary projects and news in high quality on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

About TET channel

This is a popular Ukrainian TV channel that specializes in entertainment content. Founded in 1992, it has become one of the most recognizable brands on Ukrainian television, offering a variety of programs, comedy series, TV shows, reality shows and movies. The channel is aimed at a young and family audience, and its goal is to provide entertainment and lift the spirits of viewers.

There are several reasons why you should pay attention to the channel

  • Comedy nature. The channel is known for its comedy series and entertainment shows that bring laughter and joy to the home.
  • Wide range of content. You can find a variety of programs on TET, from sitcoms and cooking shows to children’s programs and cartoons.
  • Family-oriented. The channel’s content is suitable for family viewing, so you can spend time with your loved ones in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Easy access. The channel is available online, which allows you to watch it anytime and anywhere, be it on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

What you will find on the TET channel

  • The TV channel offers a variety of content that can appeal to a wide range of viewers. Here are some of the main categories of programs that can be found 
  • Comedy serials.Such serials as “Gromada” and “Odnogo times pod Poltavoyu” have become real hits on Ukrainian television thanks to their humor and memorable characters.
  • Entertainment shows. The channel broadcasts various entertainment programs, including cooking shows, games, contests and quizzes.
  • Movies and cartoons. The channel often shows family movies as well as popular cartoons, making it ideal for family viewing.
  • Reality shows. Different formats of reality shows can be found on TET, including the popular programs Revizor and Superintuition.

TET online is your source of humor, positivity and great mood!

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