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How to set up digital television without a set-top box

In the modern world, digital television has become a standard. Many people refuse cable and satellite TV, choosing a more affordable and functional option – terrestrial digital television. It is not necessary to buy a set-top box. You can watch digital channels directly on a TV, computer or smartphone equipped with the necessary tuners.

How to determine when a set-top box is required and when it is not

Digital television has become an integral part of life for many people, offering a wide range of channels in excellent quality at an affordable price.

Many people wonder whether they can do without a set-top box and watch digital channels directly on their TV, computer or smartphone.

A set-top box is a must

In most cases, modern devices are often equipped with built-in DVB-T/T2 tuners, allowing you to receive terrestrial digital television without a set-top box.

However, there are situations when a set-top box becomes a mandatory element:

  1. Lack of a built-in tuner. Older models of TVs, computers and smartphones do not have built-in DVB-T/T2 tuners. In some cases, the tuner may be defective or may not support the required digital broadcasting standard.
  2. Viewing encoded channels. Digital TV operators encode some channels for copyright protection. To watch such channels requires a special access card and a receiver (set-top box) with support for the encoding system.
  3. Extended functionality.  Modern set-top boxes offer a wide range of additional functions that are not available when watching digital TV directly (recording programs, pausing and rewinding broadcasts, connecting to the Internet and using online services, Smart TV support, playing media files from USB sticks).
  4. Unstable signal. In some regions with remote locations from TV towers or difficult terrain, the digital TV signal may be weak or unstable. In such cases, a set-top box with a signal amplification function will help improve picture and sound quality.
  5. Specific broadcasting standards. Besides terrestrial digital television (DVB-T/T2), there are other broadcasting standards, such as satellite (DVB-S/S2) or cable (DVB-C). To receive such broadcasts, special satellite or cable set-top boxes are required.

A set-top box is not necessary

Digital TV has become the broadcasting standard, offering high picture quality and a wide selection of channels. Many people are abandoning cable and satellite TV, opting for the more affordable and functional terrestrial digital TV. As mentioned above, watching digital TV does not require a set-top box.

In which cases a set-top box is not needed:

  1. Terrestrial TV on a digital TV. If your TV supports digital TV standards such as DVB-T2 and an over-the-air digital TV signal is available in your area, you don’t need a set-top box. Simply connect the antenna to your TV and tune channels through the on-screen built-in menu. Modern TVs manufactured after 2012 usually have a built-in DVB-T/T2 tuner.
  2. Cable TV. If you’re connected to a cable network that carries digital TV channels, a set-top box may also be unnecessary. Usually, simply plugging the cable into your TV and scanning for channels is enough. If you are a subscriber to a cable operator that provides digital broadcasting, you may not need a set-top box. Some models of cable set-top boxes function as a decoder and tuner.
  3. IPTV on a computer with a good internet connection and software to watch IPTV broadcasts. Just run the program or open your IPTV provider’s web page and start watching. There are many free and paid IPTV players that can be downloaded online.
  4. Smart TV. If your TV supports Smart TV features and has built-in apps to access online content, a set-top box may be unnecessary. You can watch videos on YouTube, shows on Netflix, or use other apps right on your TV without an additional device. Many modern Smart TVs have built-in applications for online movie theaters and IPTV. In some cases, you may need to install additional applications to access specialized services.

By setting up digital TV without a set-top box, you can enjoy free viewing of your favorite channels in excellent quality.

This is an easy and affordable way to make your leisure time more interesting and diverse.


Setting up digital TV without using a set-top box may seem like a difficult task, but if all the necessary steps are followed, it is quite feasible. However, it should be recognized that the use of a specialized set-top box has a number of undeniable advantages.

It is important to note that:

  • the functionality of built-in tuners and applications may vary;
  • not all devices support all digital TV formats and codecs;
  • if you have additional needs, such as recording programs or advanced Smart TV functions, a set-top box may be the best solution.

Before buying a set-top box, it is recommended to

  • Study the characteristics of your device and the peculiarities of TV broadcasting in your region.
  • Determine what features you need.
  • Compare prices and offers from different manufacturers.

One of the best solutions on the market is the Duna HD TV-102 set-top box from IMB Plus. This innovative model provides the highest quality picture and sound, supporting Full HD 1080p resolution. Thanks to its state-of-the-art processor and optimized software, Duna HD is fast and stable, providing users with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

IMB Plus’ Duna HD supports a variety of media formats, allowing you to not only watch TV channels, but also play videos, music and photos from external media. It also features USB and HDMI ports for connecting additional devices and image output.

One of the key features of Duna HD is the ability to watch TV channels via the Internet, which is especially important in the conditions of active transition to digital broadcasting. The set-top box supports online broadcasts in high quality, expanding the available choice of channels.

If you are looking for a reliable and modern solution for watching digital TV, the Duna HD TV-102 set-top box from IMB Plus is a great choice. You can purchase it from our website, where detailed information about its specifications and features is also available.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy excellent digital TV quality with the innovative Duna HD set-top box from IMB Plus, a choice that combines high technology and ease of use.


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